First Time Winner

eo1-frameHere it is, the first thing I have ever won!

The frame around the bird, that is, and all I had to do was fill out a survey.

The bird is displayed by my EO1 from Electric Objects. The EO1 is fundamentally a display screen, not unlike a digital photo frame, but the company adds in a collection of original work from sponsored artists and connections to museum collections. The museum art streams caught my attention when the EO1 was a Kickstarter Campaign.

As part of the Kickstarter, I bought an EO1 and tried positioning it in a few different places using the stand. Eventually, it made its way to a permanent wall location as shown here. That new wooden frame really makes it fit in with the shelf (full disclosure: I had to remove some additional stacks of papers to get a better photo… I am a monster).

Electric Objects created a contest to win this Annie Raso frame based on a drawing from a pool of participants who filled out a survey about the EO1. It is beautiful woodwork, so I’ve been converted from my previous position of thinking that I would never want a wooden frame for a digital display screen (not a lot of wooden frames on TVs, right?).

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