Just received a report in which the referee commented that I need to add a citation to one of my previous papers. For some reason, I feel like that is an incredible compliment.

Articles like this Forbes piece work against fusion research. The takeaway is “they said it will work soon,” but then 2025 passes with no fusion reactors and it implies the science remains entirely unknown. I would support articles about fusion parvenus that said, “we’re in our infancy, but the science is neat.”

I sat next to Freeman Dyson during lunch today and he asked me about the state of fusion energy research. 😆

Our toddler successfully opened a door for the first time this weekend. What she really opened, however, was a whole new world of worry for me.

After 68 days in the system, the journal switched my paper status from “Review Started” back to “Securing Reviewers” 😕. Did the original reviewer surrender, is the paper that bad?!