This basil plant had been doing really well, but the bugs found it and devoured it. Looks like a good time to research insect repellant methods.

My lab switched to using Zoom for teleconferences and it works very well. I know that the particle physics people use BlueJeansย and seem to like it. In grad school teleconferencing was horribly unreliable, but it looks like it’s been figure out since then.

“Fusion reactor” is a phrase that seems to prevent all further questioning. For example,
Friend: “Why are you so busy?”
Me: “We only have a two week period to do maintenance and new installations inside the fusion reactor.”
Friend: “I see.”

A little grasshopper came out to say hello this morning. The bigger baby didn’t really care, but I think if she were just a bit older she would have lost her mind with excitement.

First time playing with my new zoom lens and I hit the wrong focus on this bird landing. I never thought I would be so excited trying to take photos of plain old city birds.

Just saw the 1977 film,ย Sorcerer, and it is a surprisingly good movie. It moves fast in the beginning, so pay attention or you’ll miss the eventual intersection of the separate storylines. If I had a star ranking system, then I would give this many, many stars ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s it, I am no longer a season ticket holder for the Padres. Had some good times, but it’s been nearly impossible to attend games this year (one game per year does not warrant the cost). I’ll follow in the future by reading Chris’ thoughtful posts.