Interested in a tour of a $30-billion fusion reactor? This ITER Virtual Tour is amazing even without a headset. It takes a couple clicks to get to the neat stuff, so I suggest going to 2017 -> #4 and then finding the tokamak pit.

Unexpected Things Learned During Paternity Leave:
1. Keeping up with the Kardashians is single-handedly keeping the U.S. soft-focus lens industry in business.
2. Judge Judy knows all, and the audience is paid actors.
3. Two kids is much more than twice the work of a single kid.

Integrated within my WordPress site using directions from @nicktmro here, but then realized it was necessary to exclude my microblog posts from being mailed out to email subscribers (all 3 of them!). Jetpack had info here.

It was difficult to figure out how to add a microblog feed to my existing WordPress site, which was surprising because this would seem to be a common setup. Here are the instructions that worked for me,

Just realized that I’m not a member of a necessary professional society division because I refused to pay the $8/year fee while in graduate school. I graduated 8 years ago.

Tried moving the baby camera to the back yard to look for overnight critter visits, but the night vision is too weak for a conclusive image. Oh well, guess we’ll stick to baby monitoring.