Someone sent me this gem: a 1977 poster from Grumman Aerospace Horizons magazine detailing 50 years of nuclear fusion energy development. It extends from “Great Expectations” in 1951 to β€œPay Dirt” in 1978. Separates work into U.S. National Labs and international efforts.

Profiles in Diagnostics: A Hot Pursuit to Understand ICE

Kathreen Thome studies how particles travel through fusion plasmas using high frequency magnetic fluctuations known as ion cyclotron emission (ICE). The tokamak approach to magnetic confinement fusion uses a toroidal solenoid to confine high temperature plasmas. With peak plasma temperatures above 100 million degrees Celsius, no physical measurements are possible beyond the very edge of…

Just returned to school for an MBA. Ten years since I was last in school, and 14 years since my last class, it feels so odd to have homework again πŸ“™

Making Our Fusion Reactor Better, day 242 of 320: all three spools of the 5 MW neutral beam are assembled on the new stand. Someday this entire 50-ton system will be sliding along its new rails.

The National Academies says we should emphasize designing and building a fusion power plant in the U.S.; will we get Congress to agree?

Making Our Fusion Reactor Better, day 220 of 320: concrete pouring is complete and mostly cured. What a gorgeous platform!

I’m surprised that Google smart displays cannot simply display a single, specific image I request from my photo gallery. I have some photos from my cookbooks and thought I could ask it to display one. But no, I have to web search for a recipe and accept what it finds.

It rained in San Diego last week… and now every hardware store is sold out of utility water pumps.

Making Our Fusion Reactor Better, day 198 of 320: beneath these tarps is both a fusion reactor and some welding/grinding in-progress.