Plasmatica has ten user ratings and they are all 5/5 😀 As an app for plasma physicists, I’m surprised that (a) ten users were willing to provide a rating (there are no requests made by the app), and (b) that scientists could rate something without absolutely picking it apart!

Making Our Fusion Reactor Better, day 19 of 320: separating the particle beam segments to allow removal. The screwdriver-shaped prongs ensure alignment between these pieces. For scale, I could stand up in the middle of those prongs.

LAMP is over! To top it off, our team won the “prestigious Paper Cup” award by piloting our simulated paper company to the best performance over six years. Revenue went from $1B to $1.7B while supporting environmentally friendly development. 

Making Our Fusion Reactor Better, day 18 of 320: nearly ready to pull the particle beam out of the pit. All particle source and acceleration hardware has been removed. About 10 MW of power (few thousand homes worth) flows through those two copper rectangles near the bottom.

I’m pleased to be using the Android app from @dialog. Believe it or not, before this I was only viewing from a browser… like some kind of animal! 🐼

Making Our Fusion Reactor Better, day 17 of 320: removing lower level plumbing to make room for concrete pours. This view is from beneath the center of the tokamak where all of the cooling water lines go into the magnetic field coils.

Buying a home in San Diego is tough. The hot market is allowing Sellers to expedite escrow, foster bidding wars, and refuse to perform any repairs. At least we have low interest rates compared to the 12% and up that our parents faced.

Making Our Fusion Reactor Better, day 16 of 320: an early morning view of the top of DIII-D. To the right (and close-up), a waveguide for 1 MW of microwave power. To the left (bottom corner), just the faintest edge of a 5 MW particle beam enclosure.

Making Our Fusion Reactor Better, day 15 of 320: we are posting the diagnostic task schedule on the wall so that all collaborators can view it. It’s bigger than the whiteboard next to it! Good luck to us all 😅

Making Our Fusion Reactor Better, day 14 of 320: weekends are a good time to adjust the schedule. Design reviews are due each week, and we need to make sure other tasks are complete before we rip out the platforms that access the middle of the machine.