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Poster from APS-DPP 2006

The 48th Annual Meeting of the Division of Plasma Physics of the American Physical Society was held in Philadelphia, PA from October 30 to November 3, 2006. My poster from that conference is available for download from this site. The title of this poster is,

Flows and Transport Driven by Electron Temperature Gradients

A download button for this file may be found at the following location, APS 2006.

small Langmuir probe
A two sided (Janus) Langmuir probe is shown next to a US dime for scale.

Some of the discussion in this poster includes details regarding the very small Langmuir probes used as diagnostics. One such probe (image taken from the poster) is shown to the right. Due to the physically small scale of the temperature filament and the related plasma behavior it is necessary to build small diagnostics that minimize perturbations. While this is always the case in experimental physics, this particular project features especially challenging scales.


radial electron temperature profile
Radial profile of electron temperature showing a very good agreement with theoretical results.

There is a theoretical effort for this project that is being undertaken by Meixuan Shi of UCLA. The poster includes some comparisons between experimental results and those from his modeling code. The nearby image (image taken from the poster) shows a comparison for the radial profiles of electron temperature. Comparisons for other times and axial positions are also presented, along with results of magnetic field aligned flow.




The conference was held in close proximity to a historical district in downtown Philadelphia. This allowed for a short visit to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. The crack in the Liberty Bell was generated by an error when workers attempted to repair an original, and much smaller crack.

liberty bell
The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

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Initial Posting: Tuesday, 07 November 2006
Last Updated: Monday, 03 November 2008