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Graduate School

Materials produced during my time as a graduate student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UCLA. My Ph.D. thesis is available in HTML and PDF: Thesis Page.

Thesis - Appendix B: Pulse Detection Techniques
Thesis - Appendix A: Wavelet Analysis to Calculate Power Spectra
Thesis - Chapter 7: Conclusions
Thesis - Chapter 6: Plasma Flow Parallel to Background Magnetic Field
Thesis - Chapter 5: Comparison between Temperature Filament and Limiter-Edge Experiments
Thesis - Chapter 4: Exponential Frequency Spectrum and Lorentzian Pulses (Part 2)
Thesis - Chapter 4: Exponential Frequency Spectrum and Lorentzian Pulses (Part 1)
Thesis - Chapter 3: Identification of a Spontaneous Thermal Wave
Thesis - Chapter 2: Experimental Setup and Overview of the Temperature Filament
Thesis - Chapter 1: Introduction
Thesis - Bibliography
Review: Exponential Frequency Spectrum and Lorentzian Pulses in Magnetized Plasmas
Defense Date Set
Presentation at APS-DPP 2008
Review: Exponential Frequency Spectrum in Magnetized Plasmas
Review: Spontaneous Thermal Waves in a Magnetized Plasma
Plasma Parameters Widget
All of Fusion Energy Research Needs Increased Support
Want 20% Wind Power by 2030, Get to Work!
Notes from TTF 2008
Colonel Mustard, in the Kitchen, with the Poison Gas
My Economic Stimulus Plan
Polaroid Cameras and Physics History
Out of 254,988 Plasmas, Hopefully One Thesis
National Academies Report on Plasma Physics Finds there is Plenty of Work to Do
The Buddhist Temple We Never Knew
Albert Einstein's Logic Puzzle, Maybe
Life Wisdom from a Graduate Electrodynamics Course
Any Suggestions for Plasma Parameters Widget 4?
APS Plasma Physics Conference 2007
Ongoing Personal Experience as a Commuter in Los Angeles
Nicer Contours in IDL with iContour
A Simple LaTeX to HTML Converter
What a Difference a (key)Word Makes
Adding a Mac Pro to the Data Processing Arsenal
Funny Physicists on Television this Fall
Frequency Filtering in IDL Using the Butterworth Function
Summer Travel 2007
Typical Day in the Plasma Lab
Photos from a Weekend Experiment
Why Not to Use Aluminum in Your Langmuir Probes
Plasma Parameters Widget on the iPhone
Sample of Frequently Used LaTeX Items
Fun with My New Camera
Diary of a Graduate Thesis Experiment
Signal Decomposition Using Farge Wavelet Method
UCLA Physics Featured in Physics Today
TTF 2007
Typical Graduate Student's Desk
Example of Langmuir Probe Analysis
Mean Free Path of Air
A Windy Day in Los Angeles
Poster from APS-DPP 2006
Topanga Canyon Hike
Lab Notebooks
Electron Beam Lab Exercises
Ph.D. Thesis Project: Thermal Waves and Turbulent Structures in Magnetized Plasmas
Old School - The XY Recorder
Plotting Routine for IDL
Contour Plotting Routine for IDL
Candidacy Exam Passed
Committee and Oral Exam Set
UCLA Football - Exciting for Most
Plasma Parameters Widget for Mac OSX (Tiger)
Triple Probe Construction in the LAPD Laboratory